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The Bible & the Occult

As Christians what are we to think of the occult? What should our attitude be concerning witchcraft, magick, and sorcery? Are we to be concerned about ghosts and vampires? What about fortunetelling, seances, astrology and the like? Many people do not realize that the Bible actually has quite a bit to say about the world of the occult. Check out this review of Scriptural teaching on the world of the Occult.

Snapshot: Wicca and Witchcraft

When someone uses the word “witchcraft” what comes to your mind? The TV show “Bewitched”? Broomhilda? Silly Halloween decorations? Witch doctors in Africa? Worshippers of Satan? Obviously the word has many connotations and is used in a variety of ways. And sometimes the various ways can be very confusing.

Take for instance the matter of Wicca. Wicca is a modern form of witchcraft. Although it claims to be the “Old Religion” and its adherents believe that their belief system can be traced to prehistoric times, in fact Wicca was basically created by a few individuals in the 20th century—Gerald Gardner and Alex Sanders among them. What they created is a pagan, occult religious system came to be called Wicca. But often Wiccans will refer to their beliefs and practices as “witchcraft.” And this is what causes confusion. Continue reading