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Sure and Certain Resurrection

On Good Friday my wife and I went to see a new Christian film, The Case for Christ.  This is the true story of Lee Strobel, a Chicago crime reporter whose world turned upside down when his wife became a Christian.  Before this, they were both avowed atheists.  Strobel decided that the only way to win his wife back to reason was to disprove Christianity.  And the way to do this was to disprove the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as an historical event.  The film traces Strobel’s investigation into the nature and evidence about the Resurrection.  It is an excellent film, which I highly recommend. Continue reading


Is Cremation Okay for a Christian?

Question:  Is it okay for a Christian to be cremated?  What does the Bible say?  ~ Pastor S. from Fluvanna, VA

Answer:  This is an interesting question that is being asked more frequently.  With the rising cost of funerals many people—including Christian believers—are considering cremation as an acceptable alternative to the traditional funeral and burial.  But how are we to view this practice?  Does the Bible have anything to say about cremation? Continue reading