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On this site I have often addressed current trends in our culture.  Reviewing many of them presents a rather bleak picture of our society.  Morally and spiritually America is on the skids, it seems.  Is there any hope at all?  Yes.  We still have hope that God can send another Great Awakening to this land.  He has done it before, several times.  He can do it again.  The key to such an awakening is for the church to humble itself before God and enter into a season of fervent prayer.  Prayer is the key.  Recently I was part of a three week prayer effort in my local church.  As part of this effort, I prepared a series of devotional reflections about the importance of prayer.  Many of these offered practical instruction on how to pray more effectively.  If you would like a copy of this 21 Days of Prayer then you can download it from here.  Just click on 21 Days of Prayer.