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Building Bridges to the Current Culture

Have you noticed the shift in our society?  We have gone from a society grounded in a Judeo-Christian worldwide to a diverse, generally post-Christian culture.  There were many contributing factors in this shift—the Vietnam War, the 1960’s counter-culture, and the sexual revolution among them.  Add to these the national disillusionment after Watergate and the scandals of fallen Christian leaders in the 1980’s and you have a motivation for rejecting traditional beliefs and values.  As a result, for many the church is now viewed as antiquated and irrelevant. Continue reading

Get ‘Em Lost!

I heard a really good Bible lesson recently at the Community Bible Study at ANM.  A good friend, and excellent teacher, Eric Vess taught on grace, basing his study on Galatians 3.  Wonderful stuff.  In this lesson, Eric was talking about how the law causes us to realize that we are sinful and in need of a Savior.  It is so important that people understand this.  As Eric stated, people need to receive the bad news before they are able to receive the Good News. Continue reading

One Way

I became a Christian during the Jesus Movement of the early 1970’s.  I look back with a fond nostalgia to that time.  It was an exciting time to be alive, to be a believer in Jesus.  Yes, there were many troubling things happening in our country, in the world.  Yet despite the troubles God was moving in mighty and dramatic ways.  How many thousands, if not millions, of young people came to Christ during that time?  Some of the excitement of that era is captured in the film Woodlawn.  (If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out.)  At the climax of the movie emphasis is placed on an iconic image from the Jesus Movement—the “One Way” symbol.  It was a common emblem in those days.  Young believers would hold up their hand with the index finger extended.  You would see posters emblazoned with a picture of a hand with one finger raised, boldly proclaiming “One Way.”  (I used to draw that symbol on the back of my school notebooks.)  It was a simple yet effective statement of faith in Jesus.  We all were declaring, “Jesus is the only way!” Continue reading

Witnessing to the Witnesses

What do you do when a Jehovah’s Witness shows up on your doorstep?  Do you turn the TV off, close the curtains and pretend that you are not home?  Instead of going into a “raise the drawbridge” mode, how about sharing your faith with the Witness knocking on your front door?  Here are some tips on how to do this effectively.

  1. Focus on essential doctrines: The Trinity, the nature of Christ (especially His deity), the bodily resurrection, and salvation by grace.

Continue reading