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Alchemy in the Academy

JosephWright-Alchemist-CroppedSomething dangerous and scary is probably occurring right now at a university or college near you.  It may be disguised as a seminar on wellness, a class on well-being, or a conference on integrative health.  You might find it listed in the college catalog in courses labeled “Mindfulness Training” or “Contemplative Learning.”  It could more blatantly be offered as a program for student/faculty that utilizes yoga, Tai Chi, or meditation as an aid to mental and physical health.  And usually somewhere in the literature for this seminar, class or program you will find references to the “wealth” of scientific evidence that proves that mindfulness (or yoga, or contemplation, or whatever) is proven to be the panacea for all ills in body and soul. Continue reading

The Gurus Are Coming!


In August of 2009 Newsweek magazine published an article entitled “We Are All Hindus Now.”  It pointed out that many of the beliefs of an eastern worldview are now popular in our country.  For example, most Americans believe that the various world religions are simply different paths to God, and that all religions are basically the same.  This is a perspective that is common in the East, but a latecomer to what has been traditionally a Judeo-Christian culture.  Even though most Americans self-identify as “Christians,” the reality is we are more and more Eastern in our worldview. Continue reading

The Muddle of Mindfulness

One of the most common buzz words going around today in the fields of health, medicine and psychology is mindfulness.  You hear it popping up in discussions on wellness, nutrition, education, business, sports, etc.  Seminars, classes and conferences are being offered at universities, medical centers, and professional organizations around the world.  For example, in May of 2004 the National Institutes of Health held a daylong symposium called “Mindfulness Meditation and Health.”  The original mindfulness program developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center is now used by over 700 hospitals worldwide.[1]  It is obviously something that is very popular. Continue reading