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The Scarlet L

I must confess that often the reason I write one of these small essays is when something ticks me off. And, you guessed it, again something has rubbed me the wrong way. Actually, it has been something percolating for a time in that part of my brain that registers frustration and irritation. A few things I have heard recently have now caused the percolation to increase to a boil. Here is what I am upset over…

I am pretty tired of any time a Christian makes a statement that a certain behavior is sinful, as defined by the Bible itself, then that person is branded as intolerant and mean-spirited. I am tired of preachers and teachers being labeled as judgmental any time they address the issue of sin, especially specific ungodly actions. I am tired of parents, teachers, and church workers being castigated as being legalistic whenever they expect Christians of any age, but especially children, to behave in ways that the Scriptures deem as righteous and godly. Bottom line: I am tired of being judged as unfair, unforgiving, and ungracious when I simply agree with what the Bible says about sin, wickedness and evil. Continue reading