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Wake Up, America!

One of the bedrock foundations of our republic is the concept of religious freedom.  It is basic to everything we believe.  It was considered divinely-ordained right by our Founding Fathers.  It was codified and guaranteed to us in our Bill of Rights.  Yet, religious expression and liberty of conscience is increasingly coming under attack.  Consider a few examples…

The Fire Chief of Atlanta, Kelvin Cochran, self-published a book that briefly mentioned biblical teaching regarding non-marital sexual relations, including homosexuality.  He was not claiming to state official policy of the Atlanta Fire Department.  He was simply stating his personal beliefs.  For this “offense” he was first suspended, then fired from his job. Continue reading


Rights Given By God

On this day we celebrate the 240th birthday of our country.  As we reflect on our history and heritage, let us also reflect on how our nation came to be, and the values underlying its founding.  Indeed, let us consider the principle concepts that guided our Founding Fathers in creating this nation.  As men grounded in an essentially Christian worldview, with a tradition of Judeo-Christian ethics and philosophy, these great statesmen were committed to the idea of liberty.  And for them, liberty was not something that must be established by men.  Indeed, it was just the opposite.  Liberty was a God-ordained and God-given right of every human being.  It was not a human creation at all.  It was wholly divine in origin. Continue reading