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Why doesn’t God destroy evil?

Do you ever read anything written by atheists, skeptics and those who actively oppose Christianity?  I do.  And one of the most common arguments they use against our faith is the existence of evil.  They say if God is good and all powerful, why doesn’t He just do away with evil?  Why doesn’t He just wipe it off the earth, completely eradicate it? God must not exist, because if He did, then evil would not be allowed to exist.  That’s what they say.

So…what about it?  What do you think?  Should God just sovereignly, completely and immediately rid the world of all evil?  BLAM!  By divine decree all sin, crime, violence, war, abuse, and wrongdoing are done away with.  They’re gone. Continue reading


The Master Artist

A fascinating book to read and ponder is The Rage Against God by Peter Hitchens.  Peter Hitchens is the brother of the late Christopher Hitchens, a noted journalist and outspoken atheist.   In this book Hitchens describes his journey to faith in Christ from a background in staunch atheism.  As the title indicates, he also deals with the anger so many atheists exhibit against God and religion.  He makes an interesting point.  Why are the atheists so angry?  If we believe in God, and they don’t, so be it.  Why not just let each person have his own beliefs?  Why be so enraged about the whole thing? Continue reading

Moldy Evolutionary Cake

Theistic evolution is a classic example of wanting to have your cake and eat it too.  If you are not familiar with the theory, it is basically this:  God is the Creator of all things, but evolution is the means He used to bring about all organic life on earth.  So, according to this theory, the earth is billions of years old.  Life began spontaneously in some primordial oceanic goo millions of years ago.  The generally accepted secular geological time table is correct.  And human beings are evolved primates, descended from some ape-like ancestor of a few million years ago. Continue reading

What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men

I am thinking this afternoon about the nature of evil. Possibly a rather strange subject to be contemplating on a Friday afternoon. Maybe it’s all the bizarre crimes that we hear about these days. Or maybe it’s the violence raging its way through the Middle East right now. Or perhaps it’s simply the clouds and gloom that I see outside my office window. Whatever the reason, the matter of evil keeps coming to mind. Continue reading

How Could The Devil Fall?

Question: “If God created all things perfect, and without sin, then how could the Devil have possibly fallen?” (From S. in Roanoke)

My Answer: This question was posed to me at a small group meeting in Roanoke, Va. In clarifying the question, the issue was this: If everything was good, without evil at all, then how could it happen that a perfect, sinless being would possibly sin in the first place. Good question. Continue reading