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Creation Ex Nihilo

There are numerous ways in which Christianity differs from many other world religions, and from ancient mythologies.  One of the most significant is the concept of creation ex nihilo.  Ex nihilo is a Latin phrase that means “out of nothing.”  The doctrine of creation ex nihilo asserts that before the creation of the cosmos, nothing existed but God alone.  No thing at all.  Then God spoke into existence the material universe.  It was created by divine fiat, by the order of God.  The universe was not created out of any kind of preexisting material, for nothing existed before the creation. Continue reading


Moldy Evolutionary Cake

Theistic evolution is a classic example of wanting to have your cake and eat it too.  If you are not familiar with the theory, it is basically this:  God is the Creator of all things, but evolution is the means He used to bring about all organic life on earth.  So, according to this theory, the earth is billions of years old.  Life began spontaneously in some primordial oceanic goo millions of years ago.  The generally accepted secular geological time table is correct.  And human beings are evolved primates, descended from some ape-like ancestor of a few million years ago. Continue reading

The Self-Contradiction of Evolution

This morning I have been reading the latest issue of National Geographic (July 2015).  In one of the small half-page features that NG has near the beginning of the magazine there is found the tale of the quagga mussel.  Quagga mussels are a species native to the Ukraine.  They have apparently been hitching rides as stowaways in the ballasts of ocean-going ships and have made their way to the U.S.  Now this invasive species is overrunning the Great Lakes.  The quagga mussels are eating up native algae and changing the entire ecosystem of the Lakes.  You know what I say?  So what? Continue reading

If By Chance…

In discussing the theory of evolution, I have often mentioned the fact that processes of organic evolution are all random events.   Contrary to the idea of a Creator who designed the cosmos, evolution is squarely based on chance.  However, I have been taken to task for this assertion.  The objection I have heard is this:  Natural Selection is not a random process.  This is the position of noted scientist (and atheist) Richard Dawkins.  Dawkins asserts that natural selection is a “non-random force.”  He says there is an inherent determinism in natural selection.  Multitudes of generations of genetic selection have caused the inevitable survivability of a species.  There is a natural design and order in this process.  My question is this:  Is natural selection, and thus Darwinian evolution itself, something that is deterministic and non-random or is it truly random? Continue reading

Mother Earth Is Only A Child

I am foolish. I admit it. I have no qualms about saying it, confessing it. You see, I am foolish enough to believe that there are moral absolutes. I am foolish enough to believe that there is a God that rules in heaven and on earth. I am foolish enough to believe that the marriage covenant is sacred and should be inviolate. And, yes, I am foolish enough to believe that the Bible is trustworthy and accurate… even when it comes to such matters as the age of the earth itself. Continue reading