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The Lost Tribes of Israel


Question: “What are the Lost Tribes of Israel?  And why were they lost?”

Answer:  One of the common myths arising out of biblical studies is that of the Ten Lost Tribes.  The myth goes like this:  When Assyria conquered the northern kingdom of Israel in 721 b.c. they sent most of the Israelites into exile.  These exiles were scattered throughout the Assyrian Empire.  Some were apparently assimilated into the Assyrian culture. Others became wanderers.  In general, the northern Ten Tribes of Israel were lost to history.  No one knows what became of them.  However, there are abundant legends about them.  Some think they traveled north and west, and became the ancestors of the Celtic, Nordic, Germanic and English peoples.  Others think they ended up in the East, in China or India.  There are even people groups in Africa that claim they are the true descendants of ancient Israel. Continue reading