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Divine Stabs of Joy

C. S. Lewis called them “stabs of joy.” They were those moments of ecstasy that come at the most unforeseen times and often from the smallest incidents. As a child Lewis felt these piercings of his heart when seeing a picture of the Norse gods… and he was enraptured by the power of the scene, and its otherworldly “Northerness.” Music also could evoke these flashes of bliss for him. The search for joy became a focused desire of his life. Indeed, his autobiography is entitled Surprised By Joy and it is there he describes how he found the deepest desires of his heart fulfilled only when he discovered true joy in Christ.

I had one of these stabs of joy on the way to work this morning. Continue reading


Delightful Impracticality

One morning when I had to go to the store very early. Thankfully our Harris Teeter grocery store opens at six o’clock. I pulled into the parking lot about 6:45. As I got out of the car, I looked up to see the dawn sky displayed in a delicate beauty. It was not one of those overwhelming sunrises, just a subtle yet elegant display of purples, grays, rose hues and amber tones. Just lovely. And it made me think, so many of the best things in life are beautiful—yet impractical. They serve no utilitarian purpose, but who would want to live without them? Continue reading