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Like Trogo… but more lighthearted and little stranger.

Of Ladybugs and Things…

I first wrote this many years back while I was on staff at a church in Pennsylvania.  Yet, though it is somewhat dated, I thought you might enjoy it anyway.


Today I have ladybugs on my mind. I guess it’s because we are somewhat overcome with a flood of them lately. They are everywhere. My house has bunches, especially in the bathroom. They are even at church! (We have very devout insects in PA!)

This past Sunday morning I rushed from my Sunday School class, made a hurried stop at my office, and hastened to the sanctuary, where the worship was already in progress. Sue and I always sit on the front row, so I went as quickly and unobtrusively as I could down the side aisle to my seat. The music filled the sanctuary, and everyone was dutifully engaged in reverent praise. Immediately upon reaching my seat, I began to sing, and then… in just a moment’s time I felt that delicious and yet frightening sense of God’s awesome and glorious presence. I lifted my hands in devout and delighted worship, raised my eyes heavenward in adoration, and there… there before my joyful, tear-filled eyes was a wondrous sight. Angels? Sunbeams of divine luminescence? The Shekinah Glory of God? Saintly beatific visions? Continue reading


Thoughts on The White Stuff

Okay, so here it is into the third week of March… a time when I am used to feeling the warm sun shining on my head, smelling fresh breezes with the scent of apple blossoms, and seeing the awesome beauty of daffodils, and dogwoods just starting to bloom. And what do I get?

Well, I awake to see a fresh layer of snow on the ground.


Formerly “Home Sweet Home”

I am feeling nostalgic today… and my mind goes back to a place where we used to live. A very unusual place. So unusual that… well, let me explain.

First, you must understand that for about 6 years we lived in a small community in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania. Our house was only a few miles from the state lines for both West Virginia and Maryland. In less than five minutes we could be in either state. Although a rural community, we were not lacking in population; however, sometimes I felt that some of the population was lacking in… well, something. I am still not quite sure what. Continue reading

Prayer Requests from the Twilight Zone

It was undoubtedly the oddest prayer request I have ever received. This was many years ago when Sue, my wife, and I were still living in Richmond. There was a lady in our church named Maya. She was married to Carlos. Maya had only been a Christian for a few years, coming to faith in a service in our local church. Maya came from a pretty rough background, but she was serious about serving the Lord. She sought Him diligently. Continue reading