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Woodruff’s, What A Place to Visit!

We have a guest writer today… my wife Sue.  Hope you enjoy this delightful article she wrote, about a delightful place. – Victor

I find myself sitting at the same table for two in a very small restaurant of five tables for the second time in three days. This restaurant is in the country, an hour from home and with a detour of 10 miles off of our normal route to visit family to reach it. So what am I doing back here?

The restaurant is a very welcoming place. Lots of natural light from the front windows and glass door, with the door frame painted a friendly red. The walls are a bright, cheery yellow. The five wooden tables and chairs are either eclectic or mismatched, whichever way you want to look at it, I choose eclectic. There are red and white checked table cloths that add to the cheeriness. The door was propped open both days because of unusually warm weather for February, which made it all the more welcoming. Continue reading