The Trinity – A Foundational Doctrine

I am convinced that the doctrine of the Holy Trinity is foundational to all Christian truth.  This is a rather bold statement.  Indeed, it is rather controversial.  There are some Christian teachers who would adamantly disagree with this.  They may accept the Trinity as a biblical doctrine, but they argue that acceptance of the Trinity is not essential in order to be a Christian.  While I honor their privilege to believe as they do, I must differ with this position most stringently.

I have dealt with this issue in an earlier post.  You can read for yourself regarding the question of the necessity of belief in the Trinity.  Allow me to summarize my argument for you.  First of all, we understand that salvation is experienced in a person’s life by that person repenting of sin, accepting Christ, and coming into a personal relationship with the Lord God.  Thus, relationship is at the heart of the Christian experience.  In this light, it is important to note the words of Christ in John 17:3, where He declares that eternal life consists of knowing the true God and the true Son of God.  In other words, without a relationship with the true God, there is no eternal life.  And thus, whether or not God is triune in His nature is necessary for salvation.  You cannot have a relationship with a false god and have eternal life.  If God is a monarchial, monolithic deity—one God, one Person—then to assert that you have a relationship with a triune God is a false premise.  You cannot have eternal life if you have a relationship with a deity that doesn’t exist.

Secondly, a thorough study of the Scriptures reveals that all three members of the Godhead are actively and essentially involved in every aspect of our life and faith.  I will not take the time to give you all of the biblical references for these things.  They can be found on this site elsewhere.  However, the Bible does reveal the active participation of the three Persons of the Triune God in creation, the sacred history of Israel, the Exodus, the devotional life of Hebrew saints, and the ministry of the prophets.  We see every phase of Christ’s life intersected by the other members of the Deity.  The entire Trinity was engaged in His Incarnation, His baptism, in His life and ministry, His death and His resurrection.  In the life of the Christian believer the Holy Trinity is intimately involved.  This includes our justification, new birth, forgiveness, adoption as sons of God, sanctification, and continuing growth as Christians.  It is evident from the Bible that all three Persons of the Godhead are integrally and necessarily a part of God’s plan and purpose for man’s salvation and eternal life.  Thus, without the Trinity there is no redemption; there is no hope for salvation and eternal life.

It is no wonder that the Devil hates this doctrine so strongly.  He will do everything he can to confuse, deceive and deny the reality of there being one God in three divine Persons.  It is also no wonder that those groups who have been seduced by doctrines of demons and deceived into satanic false teachings are also so vehemently opposed to the very idea of the Trinity.  Islam says that those who worship the Trinity are polytheists.  Oneness Pentecostals and Jehovah’s Witnesses say that we are pagans, and part of the Babylonian world system.  Unitarians and The Way teach that Trinitarians are foolish to believe something so unreasonable.  Iglesia ni Cristo and Shincheonji assert that the Trinity is a satanic doctrine.  Satan forcefully marshals his troops in an attempt to deny and defeat this foundational teaching of the Christian faith.  But, as always with his schemes, he fails over and over again.  The truth of God and the Scriptures stands firm and stable.

Since the biblical teaching about the Trinity is so critically important to the Christian’s life, it is vital that Christian believers study and learn about this doctrine.  There are many good studies of the Trinity.  I would encourage you to read some.  For a quick presentation of the doctrine try reading the chapters on the Trinity in God, I Don’t Understand by Kenneth Boa or Know What You Believe by Paul E. Little.  For a more detailed study, read  What is the Trinity? by R. C. Sproul.  For an in-depth study of the history of the doctrine you should read The Holy Trinity by Robert Letham.

Also, to help you in this regard I am including a lesson on the Trinity that I presented at  Advancing Native Missions several years ago at our community Bible study.  This is a basic introduction to a biblical understanding of this essential doctrine.


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