Are Mormons Christians?

This is a common question.  Many Christians think that the Latter-day Saint Church is simply another denomination, just like Southern Baptists or United Methodists.  It is simply one branch of the Christian tree.  This is not surprising.  The LDS Church has spent a lot of money in the past several decades to promote this idea.  They changed their logo to emphasize the words “Jesus Christ.”  They promote the Book of Mormon as “Another Testament of Jesus Christ.”  They have TV ads and promotional materials that present Mormons as clean cut, family-oriented, conservative Christians.  And their marketing campaign has worked.  Many, if not most, people think that Mormons are Christians.

But are they?  Well, the simple fact answer is “no.”  They are not Christians.  Mormonism is a pseudo-Christian cult that teaches doctrine that is very different from the historic, orthodox faith of the Christian church.  Let me give you a few examples as illustrations.

One of the essential doctrines of Mormon theology is that of eternal progression.  All intelligent beings are perpetually in a process of change, growth and development.  This applies to God himself.  In LDS teaching, God the Father was once a human being.  He lived on some other world.  He died, and was resurrected.  He then progressed to the point that as an exalted man he became a God.  He then became God the Father, ruling over our world.

But Heavenly Father is not the only being to do this.  Indeed, all humans can (and should) follow this pattern.  Right now Father God is in heaven, an exalted man with a physical, resurrected human body.  He has a goddess wife (or more probably, many goddess wives) with him in heaven.  He has relations with the Goddess Mother and she gives birth to spirit children.  This is where we all began, as spirit sons and daughters of God and our heavenly Mother, in a spiritual realm called the First Estate.  As we follow God in the First Estate, and learn and obey his spiritual laws, we prepare to enter this world and continue our progression.  When a baby enters this earth, he has come from the First Estate and entered into a physical body.  This is in order to move forward in our destined process.

As an earthly human being we can choose to continue on the road to becoming a god.  We do this by obeying the commands and ordinances of God.  In other words, if we are baptized in the LDS Church, obey God’s laws, live good moral lives, undergo the appropriate rituals and ceremonies in a Mormon Temple, and marry an LDS woman in the Temple, then when we die we can continue to progress until we become gods ourselves.  Then as a god, we will have our own goddess wives, and beget our own spiritual children, and the process repeats itself all over again.  And so it goes for eternal.  This is the Mormon concept of eternal life.

Just this overview of Mormon belief about God and human nature should be enough to convince anyone who understands the Bible at all that Latter-day Saints are not Christians.  But, just in case you are still unconvinced, consider a few other distinctive Mormon teachings:

  • There is no original sin. Man is born morally neutral.
  • Jesus and Lucifer were spiritual brothers in heaven.
  • The Fall in the Garden of Eden was necessary in order for eternal progression to advance.
  • Like the Father, Jesus had to progress to become a god.
  • Jesus was conceived when Father God had physical, sexual relations with Mary.
  • There are three heavens, but only Mormons go to the third and highest heaven.
  • You can be baptized by proxy for dead people.
  • Eternal life is conditional on completing secret Temple rituals, which are actually based on initiation ceremonies of the Masonic lodge.
  • There are two priesthoods, the Aaronic and Melchizedek, which are vital to the life of the true church.  However, these priesthoods are only available to Mormon men.  No ladies allowed.
  • There are four sacred Scriptures: The Bible, The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.  These are without error… except for the Bible, which contains many errors.

And we could go on.  This is only a sampling of Mormon teaching that is at variance with Christianity and the Bible.  I am attaching here a link to a chart of Christianity and Mormonism that lists some Mormon teachings as contrasted with biblical Christian teachings.  This chart also includes biblical references for the teachings of the Christian church.

We must not be fooled.  The Bible says that in the Last Days men will be led astray by “seducing spirits and doctrines of demons” (1 Timothy 4:1).  We are certainly living in a time when we see this happening.  As committed followers we must be on our guard, and not be led astray.


Truth Builders is a ministry initiative of Advancing Native Missions.  However, the content of this site is the personal opinion of Victor Morris, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions, views or conclusions of Advancing Native Missions, its leaders or staff


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