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Only Him

Let me ask you a question.  What is the primary thing about prayer?  What is prayer in its highest form?  What is prayer really all about at its core?  It is simply this: To encounter God, to love Him and to spend time with Him.  As with everything else in the Christian life, prayer is all about relationship.  Ultimately, prayer is all about HIM. Continue reading

Are Jehovah and Allah the Same God?

In the history of religion Judaism, Christianity and Islam are considered the three Abrahamic faiths.  The idea is that there is a continuity between the three different religions that can be traced back to the legacy of Abraham and the early Hebrews.  For this reason, so the argument goes, all three religions are basically differing expressions of the same faith.  So this means that all three religions actually worship the same God.  The Yahweh of the Jews is really the same deity as the God/Jehovah of the Christians, who is in turn no different than the Allah of the Muslims.  But is this really true? Continue reading

The Footsteps of the Prophet

(Introductory Note:  This Trogo is quite a bit longer than usual.  However, the nature of the subject requires a thorough treatment.  I hope you will find this piece beneficial.)

Life takes strange twists.  It has often been observed that truth is stranger than fiction, and indeed this is so.  For instance, this is the case in America’s (and many Christians’) current attitudes about Islam.  Allow me to explain.

The natural gut reaction of many people to the events of September 11 and the ensuing terrorism and violence that have followed has been an outcry and outrage against militant Islam.  Voices have been raised in anger and fear at the inherent violence of Islam.  Many have reacted very strongly.  In fact, in the aftermath of the various terrorist attacks on our nation, there have even been some who have taken matters into their own hands and angrily attacked any Muslim or Arab in sight.  Of course this latter action is reprehensible and unjustified.  Just because a person is Muslim, or from the Middle East, does mean they are vicious, cruel or hateful.  Not all Muslims are terrorists.  Not all people from the Middle East are even Muslim.  We must be fair, balanced and knowledgeable in our actions, words, and emotional response to what has occurred in our nation.  Reason, and a reasonable faith, call for this. Continue reading