Monthly Archives: January 2017

Pardon My Anger, But…

I think that almost of all us feel the same way about family.  They can irritate you to the point of distraction at times.  And because of this, you may complain about them, criticize them.  And in a way, that’s okay. But… But if someone else says something critical about a member of my family—well, watch out.  You don’t talk about my family.  I can say what I want, because I am family.  But you’re not family.  So keep your opinions off my family!

I think you understand what I mean. Continue reading

Building Bridges to the Current Culture

Have you noticed the shift in our society?  We have gone from a society grounded in a Judeo-Christian worldwide to a diverse, generally post-Christian culture.  There were many contributing factors in this shift—the Vietnam War, the 1960’s counter-culture, and the sexual revolution among them.  Add to these the national disillusionment after Watergate and the scandals of fallen Christian leaders in the 1980’s and you have a motivation for rejecting traditional beliefs and values.  As a result, for many the church is now viewed as antiquated and irrelevant. Continue reading