The Wonder of the Incarnation

Today is the first day of the 12 Days of Christmas.  Even though in the eyes of the world Christmas is over, we understand that Christmas is a season, not day.  So we continue to celebrate.  We continue to rejoice.  We continue to celebrate the miracle of God coming to us in the form of a Babe in a manger.  We continue to wonder at the awesome truth of the Incarnation–that God took on human flesh and became Man.

We cannot understand the process of how God became Man in the womb of the Virgin Mary. The great Christian scholar J. Gresham Machen, in his classic book on The Virgin Birth, points out that what happened in the womb of Mary had to be a creative miracle.  At one moment, there were normal human ova.  In the next instance, by divine fiat, God had created a fertilized egg that was the God-Man.

Imagine it… In Mary’s womb were normal human eggs.  In the DNA of each egg was the genetic material of the entire line of the promised Messiah.  There were genes present there from Mary herself, from Solomon, from King David, from Judah, Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, Noah, Enoch, Seth, and Adam.  That egg in her womb carried the very chromosomes of the Seed of David, the heritage of the Messiah.

Then, in an instant, God spoke His creative Word… and the Word became flesh.  The Divine command went forth, and the spoken word created the Incarnate Word.  And suddenly what one moment before had been an ordinary human ovum was now a fertilized egg that was fully human, yet fully embodied the completeness of the Godhead.  God in the flesh!

This was indeed a creative miracle.  For there never had been a God-Man before, nor would there ever be again.  Something new in all of existence had just come into being:  Deity Incarnate in living, human flesh.  This was something unlike anything that had ever existed.

I believe this creative miracle was on par with the original creation.  It may have been small in size.  It may have happened quietly, in the darkness of a woman’s womb.  There were no earthquakes.  No hurricanes.  No thunderstorms.  No blazing lights in the sky to announce what had happened.. But indeed something had happened… something as grand and wonderful, as huge and awe-inspiring as when God spoke and the very fabric of space, time and matter sprang into being.  Something as great and marvelous as the original creation of the entire universe happened in that small, microscopic place inside the body of Mary.  God created the God-Man.  Deity came to inhabit humanity forever.  And humanity itself, and all creation itself, would be different from that moment onward, for all eternity!

Doesn’t that evoke a sense of wonder in the depths of your soul?


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