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0 x 0 = 0

Several years ago I set myself the task of writing an essay without using the letter “e.”  It was more daunting than I thought it would be.  It became a real challenge.  I had to read and reread my drafts over and over.  Those pesky little critters (“e’s,” that is) kept creeping in everywhere.  I  would be sure that I had expunged them all.  “Out, you varmints!”  And then, lo and behold, another one!  It took a while to finish that piece.

After that experience, I wanted to again do something difficult.  So I decided I would challenge myself again.  But how?  Then I hit upon an idea.  I would write about nothing.  Hmmmmm!  Here are the results of my meanderings in the realm of nothingness. Continue reading

What Is Truth?

For some years now a very hot religious and religio-political topic for debate, both in the Christian and secular media, has the subject of Intelligent Design (I.D. for short).  I have heard it debated on radio and TV.  I have read articles about it in secular newspapers.  If you go to Christian websites, such as that for the Christian Research Institute (Hank Hanegraff) or John Ankerberg’s site, I.D. has been prominently featured.  It is a concept that secular, naturalistic scientists disavow—and creationists find helpful.  Continue reading

Home At Last

“But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ” (Phil. 3:20 NIV)

There’s an old saying:  There’s no place like home.  That phrase has been sung about, poems have been written about it, many a sampler hangs on the walls of people’s houses with that saying on it… in fact, it has been used so much it has become a cliché.  But for all that, it still rings so true… There’s no place like home! Continue reading

Santa Muerte

She is portrayed as a female Grim Reaper, that is to say, she is a skeleton dressed in a shroud and carrying a large scythe.  At her feet may be seen an owl, a symbol of wisdom in western iconography, and of death in ancient Aztec symbolism.  She is the object of devotion in one of the fastest growing cults in the world—the cult of Santa Muerte, Holy Death.

Santa Muerte is a folk saint revered by Hispanics throughout Mesoamerica and the United States.  She is considered an all-powerful saint, who dominates the world and gives immediate results to petitions made to her.  Being the spirit of death, it is noted that her scythe cuts down the life of all men equally, rich or poor, righteous or wicked.  Therefore, she is reckoned to be a saint for all peoples.  One of the most popular sayings about her is that Santa Muerte “does not discriminate.”  She accepts your worship and answers your prayers no matter who you are.  That is why her followers include pious Catholics, drug traffickers, prisoners, prostitutes, policemen, blue collar workers, and members of the LGBT community.  There is also a growing constituency among neo-pagans and Wiccans. Continue reading