Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Victim’s Bible

I know a good Christian man who a while back did a very foolish thing.  He desired a certain position in his local church.  This was a position that the congregation voted on.  He was certain he was going to receive a majority of the vote.  But… alas, it didn’t happen.  This man was hurt by this.  He felt rejected.  He felt betrayed.  He was deeply offended.  And he was furious.  A short time after the vote, he had the opportunity to address his church family.  And here is where the foolishness comes in.  Instead of being gracious and accepting the outcome of the vote as the will of the congregation, he reacted in anger and bitterness.  He rebuked the people of the church.  He let it be known that they had “betrayed him.”  He very strongly expressed his anger and his hurt.  In short, he blasted the church! Continue reading

Are All Sins the Same?

Question:  “I have often heard that all sins are the same.  There is no such thing as big sins or little sins.  Is this true?  Are all sins equal?” – B. in Charlottesville, Va.

My Answer:  The idea that all sins are basically the same is commonly asserted today.  We often see this stated when a person is criticized for committing a particular sin.  I have heard people say things like this, “You can’t judge me for this sin.  My sin is no bigger or worse than the sins that you commit.  I’ve seen you lose your temper or speak sharply!”  They may tell you that Christians have no right to label a certain sin as more offensive than any other sin.  To give but one example, they may say that sexual immorality is no worse than gossip or selfishness.  Their obvious attitude is this, how can you judge an adulterer, fornicator or homosexual if you, yourself, are guilty of being unkind or sharp tongued?  After all, sin is sin.  All sin is equally wrong, or so they say. Continue reading

The Entitled Bus Driver

So often these weekly rants of mine seem a bit negative.  They tend to be critical of our culture, of wacky things happening in the church, and stupid things that people say and/or do.  So I purposed in my heart that this week, I was going to write something positive.  I don’t want to appear to be only a “doom and gloom” preacher.  (That is really not my nature.)

However, my good intentions were cast to the earth and ground into dust this morning.  My wife and I went out for breakfast.  As we were returning home, we came to an intersection where we needed to turn right to go home.  This is a rather busy intersection, the junction of a U.S. highway and a primary local road.  There is a right-turn lane there.  As I approached the intersection I saw a large touring bus in the turn lane.  At first, it seemed he was waiting to make a right turn.  Then I saw the bus door open and a man get off the bus.  He began to walk towards the convenience store located at that corner.  Whoa!  What was going on? Continue reading