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Did Adam Have A Navel?

This Truth Builders series is presented at a local church in Crozet, Va. now through August 9, 2015.  The series focuses on questions about the Bible, the Christian faith, and cultural issues.  Topics run the gamut from evolution to the afterlife, from “Where did Satan come from?” to “Should Christians go to war.”  If you live in the central Virginia region and you want to know about dinosaurs, Noah’s Ark, and Adam’s navel, then check us out.  We meet at Commonwealth Christian Community on Sunday evenings at 6:00 p.m.  Got questions?  The Bible has the answer.  [Note there will be no meeting on July 5.}

Native American Religion

Beginning in the 1960’s and 70’s, and continuing since then, there has been a growing interest in nature and the environment.  The concern with nature is not only ecological and scientific, but also spiritual.  A “return to nature” and a belief in an inherent spirituality in nature itself has become commonplace among many people.  Many new religions stress the importance of nature (and sometimes nature worship) in their belief systems.  These new religions often look back to more primitive, tribal religions for their inspiration.  The belief systems of the First Nations of the American continent are a primary source for this purpose.  As Jacob Needleman said many years ago in The New Religions:  “In all this the American Indian stands as a paradigm.  His way was a way in nature.”  Continue reading

The Self-Contradiction of Evolution

This morning I have been reading the latest issue of National Geographic (July 2015).  In one of the small half-page features that NG has near the beginning of the magazine there is found the tale of the quagga mussel.  Quagga mussels are a species native to the Ukraine.  They have apparently been hitching rides as stowaways in the ballasts of ocean-going ships and have made their way to the U.S.  Now this invasive species is overrunning the Great Lakes.  The quagga mussels are eating up native algae and changing the entire ecosystem of the Lakes.  You know what I say?  So what? Continue reading

Iglesia ni Cristo

It is the third largest religious group in the Philippines, after Roman Catholicism and Islam.  It is known for its impressive church architecture, with ornate decoration and soaring spires.  It is a growing church, and now has congregations in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, China, Latin America, Africa, England, Italy and the U.S.  It is called the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), which in the Tagalog language means Church of Christ. Continue reading

Do We Have An Immortal Soul?


Question:  Is the soul of man immortal, or does it ceases to exist at death?  D. in Crozet, VA.

Answer:  The word immortal basically means not liable to death, undying or deathless.  There is a debate both within the church and without about whether the soul is immortal.  To truly understand this issue, we need to first understand what we mean by death. Continue reading