Black Mass at Harvard

There is going to be a Black Mass at Harvard University on Monday night, May 12. Yes, you heard me correctly. A Black Mass. At Harvard. Here in the good ol’ USA. The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club has organized a Black Mass reenactment at the Queen’s Head Pub, which is on the university campus. This is being done for “educational purposes.” And how does Harvard University itself respond to this upcoming event? Harvard says it “supports the rights of students and faculty.” Humph!

In case you are not familiar with a Black Mass, allow me to enlighten you. A Black Mass is a Satanic ritual honoring the Devil. It is based on the Mass of the Roman Catholic Church. However, since it is a Satanic mass, it does everything with a sinful, ungodly twist. If this Black Mass on Monday follows the traditional protocol, which I assume it will since it is supposed to be providing a demonstration of a historical ceremony, then it will take the usual prayers and rituals of the mass and turn them on their heads. For example, there will probably be an upside-down cross above the altar. You will probably also see a pentagram, very likely with the goat-headed idol of Baphomet inscribed in it. The altar will be a table on which a woman, wholly or partially naked, will be lying. The Lord’s Prayer will be recited—backwards. A Eucharistic offering will be observed, with bread and wine being offered to the Devil. (Let’s hope they will not go all the way, and offered an unbaptized baby, which was de rigueur for a traditional Black Mass.) To sum up, everything that will be done will be a mockery of Christ, His atoning sacrifice for our sins, and the teachings of the Christian faith. It is not just the Catholic Church that is being scorned, it is Christ and the Christian faith itself.

Does this disturb you? I hope so. It saddens me deeply. I find it heartbreaking.

But, some will say, “Wait a minute Victor, this is just an educational exercise. It has no spiritual meaning. Don’t you believe in academic freedom?” Simple answer: No. Not if it mocks my Lord and His atonement. Not if it holds the most sacred acts of our faith up to ridicule and dishonor. This is an insult and a travesty—not something that should be acceptable as an expression of “academic freedom.”

Besides the straightforward offensiveness of this event, there are several reasons I am so saddened by this matter. First, it is yet another demonstration of the prejudice against Christianity and the inequitable attitude of our culture about religion. Can you imagine someone performing a mocking ritual of Muslim prayer and getting away with it? What if a student at Harvard were to issue a call to prayer on Harvard Yard by crying out: “There is no god but Iblis, and the jinn are his messengers”? What if he knelt on prayer mat covered with pictures of devils, and lampooned Islamic prayers? What if he were to cry out, “Shaitan akbar! Shaitain akbar! Satan is great!” Can you imagine this?

I can tell you, this would never happen. First of all, the administration of Harvard would never allow it. And if they were to show any inclination to do so, somebody surely would threaten them with lawsuits. A judge would likely issue an injunction against the student and the university. And everyone would scream to high heaven about the blasphemy being promoted by Harvard. Is there anyone in the government, academia or the media who would approve of such a thing? Of course not.

But that is Islam. This is Christianity. And we all know that Jesus, the church, and the Christian faith are all fair game for academics, the media, comedians, talk show hosts, and Hollywood producers. Make fun of Christians if you want… but don’t touch Islam, or Judaism, or Buddhism. Making fun of a person’s religion is not fair at all. It’s just something that open-minded Americans do not do. Right?

The second reason this saddens me is that it just shows how far we have fallen from our roots and spiritual heritage. This nation was established on principles directly from the Bible and the traditional Judeo-Christian culture. Even those concepts derived from natural law were seen as being the gift of our Divine Father. Remember: “All men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” Take Christianity and the Bible out of the mix, and there would be no Declaration of Independence and no Constitution — no America, no liberty.

Since this country was founded largely by Christians, or at least by men who held to a biblical worldview, the church and the Christian faith were honored. To blaspheme God or to engage in sacrilegious acts was not tolerated. Indeed, to profane God’s name was not only a sin but a crime. And to mock the Christian faith would not be allowed, much less approved of. The stance of Harvard University, both administrators and students, flies in the face of our history, our traditions, and our moral legacy.

The proposed Black Mass at Harvard simply proves how far we have come. What would have once been condemned as evil and criminal is now promoted as educational. Sad to say, as a whole society we have descended so far. We have fallen away not only from righteousness and godliness, but even from decency. As a people, we now glory in the very things we should be ashamed of (cf. Romans 6:20-2, Philippians 3:18-19, and Ephesians 5:11-12).

In considering our liberty in this country, especially freedom of religion, we would do well to remember the words of one of our great Founding Fathers, Patrick Henry: “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.”


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