A Mother’s Love

Introduction: Here is something a little bit different for your reading. This piece was written by my wife, Sue. For those who don’t know, I work full time at an international missions agency called Advancing Native Missions (ANM). Sue is here sharing about an experience she had at ANM not too long ago.

There was a missionary couple visiting ANM the day of one of our community Bible studies. Nothing unusual in that. There are frequently visitors on Thursday, and they are often invited to share about their ministry and what God is doing in their lives. This is a young couple with three children. They seemed loving, humble, kind and eager to tell others about Jesus.

I remember being impressed by their kind and gentle spirits and the joy on their faces. Such peace in the midst of turmoil and persecution seems to be the norm with the missionaries we are privileged to meet at ANM. They face a dangerous future with great faith and trust in God. The husband shared first and spoke of how the persecution of Christians in the Middle East by Muslims was getting worse. It is always sad and difficult to meet brothers and sisters in the Lord and hear how hard life is for them.

Then the wife got up to speak for a few minutes. She was quiet, calm, and gentle. The only thing I remember her sharing was something she had told her children. She said to them, “If ever there are men who break into our home and you see guns, knives and blood, just close your eyes, and when you open them you will be with Jesus.”

I was amazed at the wisdom, faith and peace of how she was preparing her children for the possibility of martyrdom. She did not communicate any fear, just the assurance that they would be with Jesus. We all believe we will be with Jesus one day if we know Him as Savior, but do we live without fear and with joy that if the worst happens and we are killed for our faith, it is okay? We can just close our eyes knowing the next one we see will be the One who loves us best and died for us.


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