What’s New On Fall TV?

I have seen some commercials lately announcing the fall line-up of new TV shows. Some interesting fare coming up. Let’s review some of the fresh autumnal offerings.

Betrayal (ABC) – A step beyond Scandal or Revenge. This is an show devoted entirely to an adulterous affair.

Masters of Sex
(Showtime) – A series based on the lives of that famous pair of sexologists, Masters and Johnson.

Sean Saves the World (NBC) – We get to see how caring, nurturing and generally wonderful a gay father is with his teen daughter.

Welcome to the Family (NBC) – A comedic send-up of cross-cultural hijinks revolving around the hilarious fact that their teenage kids are expecting a baby out of wedlock. What fun!

Dads (Fox) – Two adult men must learn to cope with their aging fathers moving in with them. Even the secular critics are decrying the racist, sexist and crude humor of this show.

Is divorce your cup of tea? You’re in luck. Shows such as The Millers (CBS), We Are Men (CBS), Trophy Wife (ABC) all show us the fun side of serial marriages.

Dracula (NBC) – A new take on the most famous vampire of all.

One Upon A Time In Wonderland (ABC) – An Alice-based spinoff of One Upon A Time, and from the previews it promises more than its share of adult-oriented fairy stories and the occult.

The Originals (CW) – What could be more original than vampires in New Orleans?

Sleepy Hollow (Fox) – Hawthorne’s classic tale brought into the 21st century, but with added carnage and lots of supernatural activity promised.

The Tomorrow People (CW) – Sci-Fi fare concerning people who are the next stage in human evolution, complete with paranormal powers, of course.

Witches of East End (Lifetime) – Wiccans rejoice… the witches are coming out of the broom closet in this new cable show.

When you add the above list to the current shows we have — shows that promote the occult, consider sexual immorality normal and acceptable, glorify ungodliness, and make a mockery of the Christians—well, you get a pretty good idea of where our culture is going. Or perhaps I should say, has arrived.

There is always a debate when it comes to popular culture as to whether our entertainment is only a reflection of who we are as a people, or whether our entertainment is forming our culture itself. Want to know my opinion? I think it is both. Hollywood produces the media it does because they think it is what we want to watch. They assess our interests and cater to them. But they so often take us further than we ever intended to go. And so they create a new (lower) level of moral acceptance in the culture.

Anybody remember the time when it was shocking to hear profanity on television? I do. And I am not ancient. I am only in my mid-50’s. But now profanity, including blasphemy of God’s name, is so commonplace that most people don’t even notice its presence. Even believers in Christ. We have become inured to it. Desensitized to the fact that we are hearing something that God finds offensive, and should offend His children.

I only mention profanity as one example of the trend we have witnessed over the past 40 years. Some say the world has changed. Not really. The world has always been the world. The world will always be in opposition to the purity of God and His Word. It is not the world that really bothers me. It is the change in the church. Are we still salt? Are we still light? Or have we lost our saltiness, and hidden our light?

Understand me. I am not telling you not to watch any of these new shows. That is your business. That is between you, your conscience, and (if you are a Christian) the Spirit of God who dwells in your heart. What I am saying is be aware of what you are watching. Be conscious of what our culture presents to us. Take note of what is coming into your homes… entering your mind… invading your heart. Think. Please, take time to think about it.


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