Group Snapshot: Black Muslims

Okay, you might want to sit down for this one… Here is the origin of the races of mankind. The black race is the direct creation of God/Allah. All living black men are direct descendents of a godly tribe called Shabazz. But as time progressed things began to go awry. The first mishap occurred 50,000 years ago when a mad scientist caused all black people’s hair to become kinky, just to cause them trouble. Years later another scientist named Yakub (the biblical Jacob) began experimenting with the creation of other races of people. He first created brown people, then red, then yellow. His last, and lowest creation, was the race of white men. White men were devils and full of evil. This creation occurred in the year 4004 B.C. The white devils were destined to rule the year for 6000 years, and then the rightful rule of the black race would be restored. The end of the 6000 years occurred in 1914.

The world has been suffering from the evils of the white devils ever since their creation. It is the white man who has created guns, bombs, nuclear weapons, prisons, concentration camps and all the other ills of human society. Even the false religions of the world originated with the white devils. Christianity especially is a white man’s religion, and is devilish in nature.

Believe it or not, this is the actual theology of many thousands of people. The above is a summary of some of the teaching of Elijah Muhammad, the founder of the Nation of Islam, also commonly called Black Muslims.

The Black Muslim movement had its origins in the early 20th with a man named Timothy Drew. Drew taught that all African-Americans in the U.S. were actually descendants of the Moors of Morocco. Drew claimed that he had been commissioned by the King of Morocco to bring the true teaching of Islam to America. In 1913 he established the Moorish Science Temple in New Jersey. Drew changed his name to the Noble Drew Ali. Drew died in 1929.

The next year a salesman from Detroit named Wallace Fard appeared on the scene. He claimed to be Noble Drew Ali reincarnated. Fard gained a following, including one Elijah Poole. In 1935 Fard mysteriously disappeared. Elijah Poole, now calling himself Elijah Muhammad, took over the leadership of the movement. He claimed that Wallace Fard was actually Allah in human form. He also said that Fard was the prophesied Mahdi of Islam and the Messiah of Judaism. Elijah Muhammad took traditional elements of Islam and mixed them with current ideas derived from Drew’s teachings and his own unique revelations, such as the teaching about the origins of mankind.

Some of the basic beliefs and practices of this group include the oneness of Allah, traditional Islamic practices such as prayer and pilgrimage, abstinence from pork and alcohol, that the black race is not only the purest form of humanity but is also divine, that all white men are devils, and that the Jews are the ringleaders of the white conspiracy to rule the world.

Probably the most celebrated follower of the Nation of Islam was Malcolm X. In the 1960’s he was a very vocal exponent of the racist ideas of Elijah Muhammad. However, Malcolm X converted to traditional Islam, and became a critic of the Nation of Islam. He was murdered by members of the cult on February 21, 1965.

Elijah Muhammad died in 1975. Leadership of the Black Muslims went to his son, Wallace Muhammad. Over the next several years Wallace began to move the Black Muslims towards a more traditional form of Islam. He rejected many of the odd and racist teachings of his father. The group was renamed the American Muslim Mission.

However, many Black Muslims rejected this abandonment of the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. Several splinter groups formed. The most notable of these is a refashioned Nation of Islam under the leadership of Louis Farrakhan.

Basic Beliefs

God: Allah is God. Allah appeared on earth as Wallace Fard. Also, Black Muslims are divine.
Jesus: He was a prophet of Allah, but only a man.
Salvation: Salvation is completely of works and human effort.
Sin: Man is not sinful by nature, but becomes sinful by his actions.
Afterlife: There is no life after death; no heaven or hell.
Humanity: The black race is the creation of Allah. Other races were created by a mad black scientist.
Authority: The Koran; the writings and teachings of Elijah Muhammad; the Bible, but not as interpreted by the white race.
Truth: Truth is absolute, and is found in the teachings of the Nation of Islam.


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