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Is It Okay To Question?

Question: “Is It okay to question? Should Christians accept everything without question? Is it a sin to ask questions, to wonder, to doubt?”

Answer: Yes, it is okay to question, even in matters of faith. The Bible even gives us illustrations of great men of faith who asked questions. Consider the following examples from Scripture: David (Psalm 13), Job (Job 2:10, 42:1-8), John the Baptist (Matthew 11:2-3). Continue reading

Snapshot: Spiritualism/Spiritism

It all officially began in 1848 in a small town called Hydesville, New York. It was there that three sisters of the Fox family began to experience unusual things. They heard strange rappings, which the Fox sisters believed were the manifestations of a departed spirit. They called this spirit “Mr. Splitfoot,” and believed that it was the ghost of a man who had been murdered in the house. Soon neighbors heard about the ghostly encounters and came to see what was going on. Within a short time an entire movement was born. It was called Spiritualism and its main focus was on communication with the dead. Continue reading

Mother Earth Is Only A Child

I am foolish. I admit it. I have no qualms about saying it, confessing it. You see, I am foolish enough to believe that there are moral absolutes. I am foolish enough to believe that there is a God that rules in heaven and on earth. I am foolish enough to believe that the marriage covenant is sacred and should be inviolate. And, yes, I am foolish enough to believe that the Bible is trustworthy and accurate… even when it comes to such matters as the age of the earth itself. Continue reading

Hating sin… but loving gays

This Trogo is one that has been brewing in my mind for quite some time… months I guess. It is the result of comments that I have been hearing from Christians over and over. It concerns the church’s current attitude toward the sin of homosexuality. Here is a sampling of the flood of dialogue that goes on about this issue.

Regarding a family or friend who has come out of the closet: “So what’s the big deal? I know that homosexuality is a sin. But it is no different from any other sin.”

Regarding the Boy Scouts decision to openly allow homosexual boys to join the Scouts: “What does it matter? They are boys just like the others. And who knows… maybe some Christian can reach them with the Gospel.” Continue reading

Paul vs. Jesus?

Question: Why did the Apostle Paul take the simple moral message of a teacher like Jesus and turn it into such a complex theological system?

My Answer: There are a number of writers who assert the view found in this question. Their perspective seems to be that Jesus was merely a moral teacher, perhaps with a prophetic cast to his ministry, who presented a message of love and ethics. Then along comes Paul and turns Jesus into a demigod, and takes his moral philosophy and turns it on its head by rejecting the Law of Moses and making salvation the result of some mysterious thing called grace. Continue reading