Solitary Party Games

These are party games for people who absolutely hate party games (like me). Enjoy!

Choosing a team. First, for team “A” pick a number between 1 and 20. Next, for team “B” pick another number between 1 and 20. Now guess a number between 1 and 20. You are either on team A or team B, depending on how close your guess is to your first or second pick.

Bible Characters. Think of a person in the Bible. Write the name of this person on a name tag. Stick the name tag on your coat lapel, shirt or blouse. Now cover the name with your hand. Try to guess what Biblical character you are.

The King of Siam. In your mind say these words over and over: “Oh Wah, Tay See, Lee Goo, Siam.” Repeat these words to yourself mentally until you begin to hallucinate that you are bowing in front of the King of Siam and declaring, “O what a silly goose I am” while everyone present laughs at you. When you can see this happening in your mind, the game is over. Pretend that you never played.

Scavenger Hunt. Make a list of the most silly, weird and difficult items you can think of for a scavenger hunt. They have to be things that would take hours to find, and cause you and everyone else a great deal of embarrassment to hunt for. Now, throw the list away.

Spin the Tail on the Donkey: Make a paper cut-out donkey. Use a push pin and attach a paper cut-out tail to the donkey. Now spin the donkey around and see which way the tail points. Have fun!

Follow The Leader? Go around the room and pick at least 5 or 6 people to play Follow the Leader with. Tell them you will be leader. Excuse yourself, and say that you will start playing as soon as you get back from the restroom. Immediately leave the party and go home.

Mental Charades. Think of the name of a song, a movie, a book, etc. Imagine how you would act out this name. Try to guess what you are acting out in your mind.

Musical Chair. Hum a tune to yourself. When you stop humming, stay where you are—don’t move. As an alternate way of playing, you can get up and move to a different chair.

Solitary Simon Says. As you go through the evening, think of things that you can tell yourself to do that nobody will notice. Say these things mentally to yourself, not speaking aloud at all. For example, you may tell yourself, “Simon says… get something to drink,” or “Simon says… eat a potato chip, “ or “Simon says… go the restroom.” Every now and then tell yourself to do something without thinking “Simon says…” just to see if you can trip yourself up.

Feel free to pass these on… but you might want to reference this blog site. Thanks, Victor

(c) 2013 Victor Morris


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