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Snapshot: Soka Gakkai/Nichiren Shoshu

Recently someone brought me a flyer that had been posted on a public bulletin board at the University of Virginia. It was advertising a meeting of those interested in learning about Soka Gakkai. The flyer promoted an “Engaged Buddhism for a Changing World” and “The Key to Unshakable Happiness.” This meeting was to be the kick off for a Soka Gakkai club, and attendees were invited to “join other bodhisattvas on our shared journey toward enlightenment.”

Okay, I can hear you now… Huh? Let me explain. Continue reading


What is a cult?

We live in a culture where the word cult has become pretty much anti-PC. We not supposed to call any group a cult… unless it is some really wacked-out fringe group obviously controlled by a total nut job. Jim Jones? Cult! Heaven’s Gate? Cult! David Koresh? Cult! But the Mormons? Oh, my… let’s not be unkind. Jehovah’s Witnesses or Christian Scientists? Well, maybe misguided… but really not such bad folks. Let’s not label them with the “C” word. UGH!

In this religious climate, it is important to once again consider what a cult really is. Continue reading

Of Ladybugs and Things

This is a little piece from a number of years back… but I thought you might enjoy it.


Today I have ladybugs on my mind. I guess it’s because we are somewhat overcome with a flood of them lately. They are everywhere. My house has bunches, especially in the bathroom. They are even at church! (We have very devout insects in PA!) Continue reading