Monthly Archives: May 2013

Just the Facts, Ma’am

I have a confession to make. I am an information junkie. I am addicted to facts and data. I guess this is why I love trivia so much.

Love it? Indeed, I do. Trivia intrigues and captivates me. All kinds. Except about sports. Sports holds almost no interest for me. (Unless it the physics of why a curve ball curves. Now that is interesting!) Everything else is fair game. Like… Continue reading

One Body, One Faith

One thing I have learned through the years—you can’t box God in. You can’t put HIM in a little, narrow confined space and say, “This is who God is and this is what He will do. And He CAN’T do anything else.” I can promise you, every time you try this, He will prove you wrong. Continue reading

Delightful Impracticality

One morning when I had to go to the store very early. Thankfully our Harris Teeter grocery store opens at six o’clock. I pulled into the parking lot about 6:45. As I got out of the car, I looked up to see the dawn sky displayed in a delicate beauty. It was not one of those overwhelming sunrises, just a subtle yet elegant display of purples, grays, rose hues and amber tones. Just lovely. And it made me think, so many of the best things in life are beautiful—yet impractical. They serve no utilitarian purpose, but who would want to live without them? Continue reading

Why does God allow evil?

Question: “If God is real, and He is good, then why does He allow evil to exist in the world?” P in Virginia.

My Answer: This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions in the fields of philosophy or theology. It is a major obstacle to many people in their seeking after religious truth. It is an argument often used by skeptics, agnostics and atheists to question the goodness and/or reality of God Himself. Why is there is evil? And how can a good God allow it?

This is not a question that can be answered fully in this short space. However, we can give a partial answer that will hopefully offer some insight to anyone wrestling with this issue. Continue reading


I like words. All kinds of words.

Silly words… like chicken. Did you ever stop to think how goofy a word that is. And just take a moment to reflect on the sound of words like ostrich, elephant, avocado, buzzard, gizzard, orangutan. The words themselves sound ridiculous. (Any chickens, ostriches, et alia who may be reading this… please do not take offense. I don’t mean to take away from your dignity as a species. I am just commenting on the name you have been tagged with by us human types.) Continue reading