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Good Friday Meditation

6:00 a.m.

First light. A new day is just beginning. But for the Son of God, it will be his last day of natural life on this earth.

He sighs. He has been through so much in just the past few hours. Betrayal by a friend; betrayal with a kiss. Arrest. Mocking. The sham of a trial. False accusers and false charges. Utter rejection and feigned horror at the truth He spoke. “Blasphemy!” Now, he has been brought to the Roman governor, to face yet another inquisition, to be charged and found guilty for speaking God’s own truth.

He can hear the city beginning to stir. This is a big day. Passover. In the Temple morning worship is beginning. Incense and prayers and songs. Right now the morning sacrifice is being prepared to be slain, made ready to be offered up to God. An innocent lamb. Right now the eternal sacrifice is being prepared to be crucified, made ready to be offered to God for the people. The Lamb of God. Continue reading

A Mind Wasted

[Preface: In order to understand the “why” of this writing, you have to scroll down to the very end. I said the end, boy, did ya hear me, the end!]

Once upon a midnight dreary
While I pondered weak and weary
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore…

Wait a minute! That’s not right. It’s only 4:22 pm. I have 7 hours and 38 minutes to go until midnight. And I’m not pondering anything much. That’s the problem. My brain has been drained and I am in a zombie state. Trapped… trapped… oooooohhh… trapped here in this office, never to see the light of day. {{Until morning that is.}} Continue reading

A New Age “Blessing” (or Curse?)

Question: “Recently I had a person, who is apparently very into New Age stuff, pronounce a ‘blessing’ over me and my husband. Is this something I should be worried about, considering the spiritual beliefs of this person?” (S. in Virginia) Continue reading

Group Snapshot: Seventh-Day Adventists

In the early 19th century a Baptist layman and amateur Bible scholar by the name of William Miller conducted research into what the Bible had to say about the timing of Christ’s Second Coming. According to Miller, he conclusively calculated the date of the Lord’s advent. Miller attracted quite a following from a number of different Christian groups. After setting a couple of dates which proved false, he finally settled on October 22, 1844 as the date of the Lord’s return. But that day came and went. So traumatic was this to the “Millerites” that this time came to be called the Great Disappointment. Continue reading

Die Laughing

I have several times in my life met individuals who have never been to a funeral. I cannot imagine this. Funerals have always been a part of my life. My parents were both from rather large families. My mother was one of seven children, and my father one of twelve. And both were among the younger siblings in their respective families. So growing up I had tons of aunts and uncles and older cousins—old enough to die even. Funerals were a part of my upbringing.

The first funeral I can remember was an uncle, married to my Aunt Lou. I was about three. That started the ball rolling. Then there was another uncle when I was about seven. Then another uncle. Then an aunt. Then my grandfather. A few older cousins began to go. It was beginning to look like a trend. The peak was reached when I was about thirteen. One fall day I lost my grandmother. This was my mother’s mother, who lived with us while I was growing up. Then an aunt died about a week later. Then another aunt about two weeks after that. I lost my other grandmother about two months later. This was definitely getting ridiculous.  Continue reading