What About Ouija Boards?

Question: “How should a Christian feel about Ouija boards, palm reading, and things like that? Isn’t this just harmless fun?” (C. in Lynchburg, VA)

My Answer: Although these practices are often viewed as innocent entertainment, they really are very serious matters. When it comes to any kind of fortunetelling (e.g., palmistry, astrology, crystal gazing, Tarot cards, tea leaves, etc.) the Bible is very clear on these matters. These are all forms of divination. Divination means to seek out the future or to seek hidden knowledge through supernatural means. The Bible condemns divination in no uncertain terms. Divination in all its forms is part of the occult, and is grounded in an occultic worldview. The Bible has many passages that deal with this. The classic passage is Deuteronomy 18:9-14. Here you will see all forms of divination declared to be wrong. And God declares that He takes these matters very seriously. The Lord declares that these practices are “an abomination” in His sight.

The Biblical condemnation of divination is especially true when it comes to Ouija boards, séances, mediums, etc. This is not only an occultic practice, but it is an open door to dealing with spirits. Any attempt to contact the dead is actually an invitation for demonic activity. Satan knows how to fool us in these matters. There are many people who have been lured into witchcraft and the occult world through Ouija boards and séances. There are also a number of cults and false religions that had their origins in messages from Ouija boards. I have already read of people who actually were demon possessed because of Ouija boards. It is interesting that witches and occult practitioners takes divination, séances, and Ouija boards very seriously. To them it is no game.

But the final word is that God takes these things very seriously also. To Him, also, it is no game. It is not harmless fun. It is venturing into the Devil’s territory. And you don’t travel there without dangerous consequences.


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